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Learn Practical English in real life out of classrooms with one-to-one sessions in England.

Global Study Academy has developed the world’s unique practical English learning method with its well experienced education gurus. Classroom-Free English program helps you develop your English skill outside the classroom with interacting in everyday life. You will be learning English thorough the real life practices from opening a bank account to getting a car insurance. You will also be gaining familiarity to the English daily life and culture.


Not only learn English, also enjoy the excursions to the UK’s main cities, museum visits, full of fun, sport/group activities. It will be a fantastic, unforgettable, once in a lifetime summer holiday.

All inclusive. Full boarding accommodation. Limited places.

Following practical sessions are included in the program:

English For Banking Services

In Classroom-Free English Summer Camp, you will be taken to one of the real bank currently operating in the UK.  In this session, you will be learning how to open a bank account, deposit and withdraw money as well as other banking services. You will be learning how to express them all in English. This session will enhance your English speaking, understanding and vocabulary levels.


English For Postal and Courier Services

In this session, you will be taken to one of the official post office in the UK. You will be learning how to express postal and courier shipping operations in English while you are self experiencing it by yourself. Don’t worry! We will always be next to you to assist and explain everything you need to learn. 


English For Council Services and Utility Subscriptions

In the Classroom-Free English Summer Camp, you will be taken to a local council. You will be learning what services the councils offer in the UK, how to subscribe or superscribe to/from utility services and how the recycling and bin collecting system is operating. In this session, you will be building up your English skill to one level up.

English For Safety and Emergency

In Classroom-Free English Summer Camp, you will learn how to stay safe and secure in the UK. What do you have to be careful of? what are the public concerns about? In which circumstances, how and whom you should get in contact with? All this questions will find their answers while you are stepping up in a new English vocabulary and speaking level. 


English For Transportation and  Ticketing

You will boost your English level by learning how the buses, trains and undergrounds are running in the UK. You will also be learning about the public transportation tariffs, daily, weekly, monthly, special tickets and where to buy them. You will learn all in English. Traveling in and around the UK won’t be a hassle anymore.


English For 1 Day Voluntary Work

Yes, you read it right! You will be working in a UK charity for 1 day to understand how widespread the charity organizations are and how they operate and work in the UK. (It will be a light and fun work). While you are gaining this incredible experience, at the same time you will be interacting and socializing with native English speakers that will enhance your pronunciation.

English When  Searching Your Next College

In case you may want to continue your education journey here in the UK, you will be joining a group visit to one of well known UK college. Here you will learn how to search for the college that can shape your future and meets your desire and requirements. You will be mastering your English level with this session by learning new expressions and words while you are practicing them in the most appropriate location in the world. That visit will promote you to learn English faster and will get you more focused.


English For Problems and Complaints

In which condition, how and with whom would you need to contact first if you want to complain about a service, product or any misbehavior or if you face any problem in the UK? What are your legal and consumer rights? How would you follow up a complain? In this useful session,  you will be learning the answers of all these questions and how to express them in English simultaneously with a real time example. Yes, you will be complaining about a problem that you will face here in the UK. It is going to be amazing experience. Let’s see how you will do.


English To Ask and Find An Address

In this session you will be taken to a busy street and will be asked to find a complicated address without a GPS enable device or a map. You will learn the expressions, vocabulary and what you need to be careful of during the session. Don’t worry! We will be next to you, watching you and guide you when you need, but you will be by yourself on English part. You will speak, use the expressions and understand what the people with different accents are explaining to you. Good Luck! 

English For A Tailor Visit

What if you have a tear on your dress or shirt or you need to cuff your trouser, what about if you need some alterations. Can you explain your problem to tailor or the way you want the tailor to do it of your desire? Will you understand the answers or questions he will ask? Yes, you will, after this session. You won’t learn its theory in the classroom but you will live in it and experience it by your own self.   


English For Sim Card and Mobile Tariffs 

First time in the UK? Or did you forget how and where you bought your sim card last time? Do you know where and how to find the best tariffs? Most importantly, do you know how to express all this in English fluently and accurately? That ‘s the exact goal of this session.  We will teach you how to do it first and will assign you a task to obtain a sim card from any store of your choice. You will need to get the best deal for the kind of service we will ask you to? We think you can, Can you?


English For A&E and Hospital Visits

The first thing you must learn when traveling to another country is what you need to do in case of an emergency, injury or accident y. This is a must session that every individual must know first and most. In this session you will be calling the emergency services and reporting an incident. That is not it, you will also see how the accident and emergency departments in the hospitals work by paying a visit to one of the A&E department. All you need to do is to remember what you learned and how you expressed all these in English. Now, we are ready to go and find some fun stuff!

English To Rent A House

You will be learning the house types and styles in the UK, who has the right to rent, how and where to find a rental house,  the concerns and the points to be considered and tenant rights. You will find a real house that is currently in the market and fill up a sample rental agreement. You will get familiar with UK housing markets as well as with the expressions and vocabulary that you will use on your house search.


English When Working In Fast-food Store

In this Classroom-Free session we are taking you to a fast-food shop to experience and practice the phrases and the words used in a fast-food work environment.  You will pretend to be working as if an employee. You will perform the tasks and sell food to our staffs pretending to be your customer. You will enjoy and learn the English words and phrase while you live in it.


English For Governmental Issues

The government’s structure, its departments, their core responsibilities, councils, NHS, citizenship services, taxation and tax returns, application process of driving license are the subjects which you will be enhancing your vocabulary and practicing English about. With this very informative and comprehensive session, you will be familiarize with the terms and vocabulary regarding the state departments and issues.

English For Daily Needs and Shopping

In the Classroom-Free Summer English Camp you will get involved in most of the activities that takes place in our daily life. In this session you will be visiting the shops and supermarkets to practice more English and learn how to use the phrases in shopping and words for items. You will also learn where and how to find discounts and promotions.


English For Phone Conversations

Are you comfortable talking on the phone in English?  Do you know the proper way of speaking on the phone? How to greet and how to use some certain phrases specific to phone conversation? You will be learning all by experiencing it.You will have a real phone conversation with our English instructors. Let’s see how you will do.


English When Ordering in Restaurants and Takeaways

Have you ever ordered food to your English classroom? We bet you did not. Let’s order to practice more English while you enjoy the food.  You will also be learning how to pronounce main appetizers, starters and souses, make changes on previous order while experience an English restaurant culture. 

English For UK Education System

You will be learning the education opportunities in the UK that lies ahead of you. You will also be learning the structure of the UK’s complex education system starting from the kindergarten all the way to have your career job.  You will be introduced to Foundation and HND programs as well as their application procedures. This session will provide lots of new academic words and expression in to your English vocabulary. 


English For Sport

Would you like to learn what idioms and expressions are used in sport while you are actually doing it? Would you like to know what is the meaning of “oWould like to test and combine your English skill with your sport skill? Join this session to boost your English and sport skills and have fun while you learn English.


English For Kitchen

In this session of the Classroom-Free Summer English Camp, you will be cooking and exploring the kitchen.  You will be building your English pronunciation and vocabulary skill on kitchen tools, expression of using them and expressions about  cooking while you cook a delicious dish for yourself. You may not be learning how to cook in this session but you will be learning how to tell about it. 

English For Swimming

Fun, fun, and fun. Learning is all about having fun, isn’t it? At least it is in Classroom-Free Summer English Camp. You will be learning some swimming related idioms, words and practice them while you swim a crawl.  You are going to need some extra efforts to forget what you learned in this session. Don’t forget to bring your goggles and swimsuit. 


English For Household

You may not need to learn English to help your mother in daily household works but you may need to join this session in order to talk about the household works. You will live it while you learn it. Promise, it will not be hard work, just to enough to learn and practice English. Your mother will be proud of you.


English For Gardening

In the Classroom-Free Summer English Camp, you will prune, trim, plant, mow, grow a seed, Pull out the weeds and play with the soil. In short, you will be using all the words to get familiarize and comfortable with them. We will name the tree you planted after you.

English For Small Repairs

In this session, you will learn English with the real life samples. You will be using the small tools and explaining in English what, why and how are you doing your work while doing it. You will gain lots of practical skills not on using the tools but how to use the words and expressions to explain your work.


English For Technology

In todays world, kids knows to use technology as it were an inborn talent. What about utilizing this given talent to help practice English. You will be learning the technology terms and expression in English. They may all be familiar for you but end of the session you will feel comfortable to talk about them in English as well.


English For Car/Home Insurance

You will understand car and home insurances and how they operate in the UK. While you will be searching for an insurance for one of company’s car, you will be learning how and where to find a better car insurance from, what and whom they cover and the points that you need to be careful about the car insurances and most importantly how to do and explain them in English. 

English For Traffic and Buying Car

In this Classroom-Free Summer English Camp session, you will be learning about the traffic rules and symbols in the UK as well as the concerns you need to pay attention. This will be a useful session that will remind itself to you everywhere in the world. You will also learn where and how to buy a car in the UK, what the the legal documents and requirements are and some extra knowledge on public car auctions.

•   Full Boarding Accommodation

•   3 high-quality meals per day

•   Max 15 class size

•   15 hours per week classroom-free real world English sessions (proportional with duration of stay)

•   2 full day excursions to London, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, York or Birmingham cities, sport activities, fun times and group activities (excursions are proportional with duration of stay)

•   8-17 years old (Groups will be created based on students English levels)

•   Any duration netween 10 June- 30 August

•   1 free leader for every 15 students

•   Accommodation: Single Rooms

•   Free Wi-Fi

•   850 GBP per week

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